High-Vibe Health

Our Mission:

Health + Healing.

We give women the tools to become masters of their own health and healing using a holistic, whole-person approach.

Inspired by the power of integrative nutrition and ancient yoga practices, our programs are designed specifically for those struggling with both physical and invisible health issues. Our programs are catered to your individual goals, while also specifically alligned for those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and survivors of trauma. 

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Meet Maria

Hi! I'm Maria and I’m a Healthy Living Coach for resilient women who want to get organized, shake anxiety, and get a hold of their health once and for all!

I'm an integrative nutrition coach, yoga teacher, a professional singer, and also happen to be on my own wellness journey battling anxiety from old traumas. Throughout my healing process, I resonated with a plant-based diet, yoga, meditation, travel, and good old fashioned sunshine! Thanks to all of the above, I believe I have found the keys to unlocking a happy, healthy life -- no matter what your story. I would be honored to share them with you. Namaste!

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our offerings

Coaching + Yoga

1:1 Coaching

Finally ready for the transformation you deserve? Shake your anxiety, get a hold of your health, and reinvent a lifestyle that works for you. It's so much more than what's on your plate.



Yoga With Maria

Yoga is one of the main tools that helped me get through all my BS. Learn how to truly reconnect with yourself- body, breath, heart, and mind. Stress is stored in the body- let's move it out!




You drink all the green juice, meditate, but you still feel like crap? Can't get yourself organized to follow through with your goals? My 6 Steps for a whole-person approach to healing is for you!