Be Kind To Your Resolution

Heads up for brand new photos, clips of "how-to's," and full videos of classes you can do at home!

Heads up for brand new photos, clips of "how-to's," and full videos of classes you can do at home!

Ahimsa in Sanskrit translates to "nonviolence," & "do not harm." This extends not only to all other beings, but primarily to OURSELVES. So what do I mean when I say, "Be kind to your resolution?" I mean don't be so hard on yourself. Sure, we all set resolutions that in an ideal world we would all keep forever and ever and never break... but is that how it EVER happens? Really? 

So what I'm saying ties into Ahimsa because inevitably, one day (maybe it's happened, maybe tomorrow, or maybe next month) we may slip off our 'perfect track record' and when we do, it is SO important to be KIND to ourselves. If you “should-shame” yourself about it (I should have done this, I should be doing that) all the time, then you’re really just guilting yourself into either doing it or continuously dwelling on the negative which also isn’t going to help you get back on track. 

So what do we do? 

  • Respond with patience. 
  • Respond with understanding. 
  • Respond with unwavering SUPPORT for yourself. 

Be your own biggest fan. I know it may seem trite, but give it a try. Just because you’ve had a misstep (or a few) it doesn’t mean that your resolution is now irrelevant or wasted. Get back up, brush yourself off, and start again— now— not ‘tomorrow’ or next week. ;) Reschedule whatever you missed, and move on. 

***BONUS: If your resolution is within the ‘personal care’ category, i.e.: eating healthier, exercise, quit smoking, etc… then any of those would be considered ‘practicng ahimsa’ because you are reducing harm to yourself. Awesome! :) ***

For example, I’ve been wanting to create an online business presence with my yoga, health coaching, and music. I’ve been wanting it for a long while. Instead of continuing to make excuses and put it off… I’m going to set the intention to be kinder to myself about it, take a breath, and take a step. (You should too- with whatever you are holding yourself back from doing!) And then hopefully another step will follow. And another and another until we gain enough momentum that we are finally living out what we once thought to be so tedious and difficult to obtain. 


Kindness, accountability, compassion, patience, support = success. 

Oh, sure “good ol' fashioned hard work” is in there somewhere too, but if it’s what makes your heart happy, does it really feel like work? Chew on that… (and if your job makes you miserable?.... well, we'll talk about that soon...)

Until next time… “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu” which means “May all beings be happy and free, and may our lives, thoughts, words, and actions somehow contribute to that happiness.” 

Namaste. <3

Maria Rose