Mindful Meals + Yogic Blessing


While you are preparing, cooking, and consuming your healthy, high-vibe foods make it a priority to stay present, positive, and grateful.

So you're finally sitting down to lunch. No sooner than the food is placed in front of you, are you reaching out to put it in your mouth. WAIT! Put the fork down. Pause. Take a moment to become present. Rather than seeing mealtime as a means to an end of your grumbling tummy, my challenge to you is to redefine mealtime. My intention is to provide you with a few thoughtful and inspiring ways to redirect your attention while you eat so that your food not only fully nourishes you body, but also your mind and spirit.

For example, while you are preparing, cooking, and eating your food, be extremely mindful of your thoughts and mood. Your current emotional and mental states, mood, and vibration/energies can be absorbed by your food and thus taken into your body again when you eat it!  This is especially important if you are cooking for someone else. NEVER cook or prepare food for anyone while you are arguing, angry, anxious, or stressed. 

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or angry, (maybe even "hangry) and need to eat... take a moment and step outside of the negative issues you may be experiences. Similar to how you may go to a yoga class, take a walk in nature, soak in a bath, or have a good chat with an old friend, allow your mealtime to revitalize and rejuvenate you. Call a "time out" on whatever is upsetting you, so that you can actually enjoy your food, and allow it to fuel you with its highest vibration. 

Here are a few straightforward steps to make the most out of your mealtime practice:

 8 Steps To A Mindful Meal

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Close your eyes and become still. 
  3. Take deep breaths in and out.
  4. Notice your navel and become aware of where your food will be going  (food is offered into your digestive fire, to then breakdown as energy for your body). 
  5. Acknowledge the Source of your food. All high-vibrational food is from the earth, nourished by the sun, rain, and soil. 
  6. Place your hands over your food.  If you like, you can imagine a white Light shining down into the crown of your head, through your body, and into your food. This is one way of charging your food with positive energy.
  7. Say a BLESSING over your food expressing GRATITUDE for this vital transfer of energy from the earth (Source, God, Collective Consciousness). Ask that the food heal and nourish your body to Its highest potential. Acknowledging that the food you are about to enjoy is a gift FROM God,* the food is made OF God, and the food is an offering TO God. (*God can be interpreted as Source, Nature, Consciousness, whichever word resonates with you.) 
  8. Eat and enjoy your food with presence. Allow yourself to enjoy and notice the flavors, textures, and smells of your food. Chew slowly and thoroughly. Eating should be an experience, a gift to your body.  

While I was in India, I often enlisted my friend, Ira (two-year-old pictured below) to help me bless my food. Ok, more often than not, she was more interested in helping me EAT my food and play with SnapChat on my phone— but she also would agree to give blessings when I asked. I know the food was always made with love, by her parents (owners of Ira's Kitchen in Rishikesh) so we would eat breakfast there nearly every single day for 2 months.  Ira was always full of fun energy (whether laughing or screaming, as most 2-year-olds do) and brought extra sunshine to my day every morning. :)  A big warm thank you to Ira, Gautame, and Baba! 🙏🏼

I pray this post finds you well + vibing high! Until next time... Namaste!