My Secret Meal-Prep Hack!

Hi Friends!

So it's been a minute but I wanted to pop in to share with you something pretty cool...

Ever since I started my new gig as a corporate wellness advisor, I've found less and less time for meal-prepping. But it's supposed to SAVE me time, right? Honestly ya'll... I fell off the wagon and needed a little help - no one's perfect, right?

So I was super lucky when I found this app called PlateJoy which literally plans your meals for you! Wait, but how? I was skeptical at first tbh, but it was super easy and kinda fun! I was able to add myself + my boyfriend into our preferences for meals. It calculates how much of each item that you'll need and you can let it know if you're cool with eating leftovers for a meal throughout the week. I love leftovers, but Joe won't touch them (so frustrating!) But at least this way we can make sure we don't waste food! 

Ok, so here's my honest review...

How it works:

They take inventory of what you've got in your pantry/fridge already, note if you have any restrictions, what your likes and dislikes are and how much time you prefer to spend in the kitchen. 

Then it shows you options for different recipes for each meal, and gives you a grocery list for whatever you still need to pick up (it also lets you send the list directly to instacart if you'd prefer).  Pretty awesome, honestly... Luckily I live next to a Ralph's and a Whole Foods so I'm pretty set in that department. I can just walked over to grab what I need as far as perishables go. (More later on how I stock up on non-perishables...) 

The only issues I encountered had more to do with the fact that my cell service sucks inside grocery stores so I lost access to my list as my page refreshed and had to try to remember what I needed. Other than that, it was super helpful! Yay, for no more food waste! 

Here's a few shots of what the app looks like:



Breakdown + Coupon Code

Heads up, they do charge a membership but it's only $8/month! Pretty sure that's cheaper than Hulu? :)

Anyway, I've got got a discount code for you, so I've got ya covered! 



What's For Breakfast?

Thanks to PlateJoy, I made a super quick, easy, and yummy recipe for breakfast this morning using my app. Sometimes it nice to mix it up and try something new. This brekkie was simple yet satisfying and I wouldn't have thought to make it without my new meal-prep app. Super excited about this! 


Scramble Florentine: eggs, spinach, crushed red pepper, green onion, olive oil

Scramble Florentine: eggs, spinach, crushed red pepper, green onion, olive oil

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That's all!

Let me know if you give it a try! I'd love to hear which recipes you liked! Happy saving, prepping, and eating ya'll! <3 


Love & Light,

Maria Rose

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