My Secret Midnight Snacks (Shhhh!)


My Secret "Midnight Snacks"



So You're this close to Tapping postmates to bring you ice cream...

Hang on!! I am SO with you on this one! As much as I want to be done eating for the night, like clockwork, my brain and body are ready for something sweet right around bedtime. Sometimes I manage to simply sip some water or tea, but other times IT'S ON and I am so so grateful for my secret stash of healthy late-night snacks. Check 'em out!

Healthy Late-Night Snacks 

1. Frozen Coconut Chunks - Trader Joe's

These babies are SO good! They may sound boring to you, but they really hit the spot! If not, sometimes I'll dip them in Raw Almond Butter (also from TJ's) - Now we're talkin'!

2. Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolate - Erewon / amazon / health food store near you

Ok, I have a weakness for chocolate. I truly don't understand when someone says otherwise? But I since I have been really trying to cut sugar, lately it sent me into a frenzy of searching for vegan, sugar-free, raw, healthy chocolate. Ladies, I found it and it's SO GOOD! They come in a small box and small pieces so you can ration it out and practice that self-control. :) Seriously though they have several different types too... Each one touching on a certain vibe: Femininity, Tranquility, Love, Energy, and Focus to name a few... So full of superfoods and superherbs.. I'd say it's the healthiest chocolate I've ever had! Try Tranquility for before bed.

3. "gone bananas" - trader joe's

If you're not on a super strict, 0 sugar/0 tolerance kick then you can have these. They are simply small pieces of frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate. Ridiculous. Try not to eat the whole box in one night though. For real. 

4. Essential Living Foods Superfood Trail Mix Snack Pack - Costco / Amazon

So the title is a mouthful but they are the perfect size for a yummy, healthy snack before bed. It's all organic, non-gmo, and full of superfoods and treats! We found a bag of assorted mixes at Costco which included mixes called, "Antioxidant," "Enlighten," and "Superfood." They obviously did their research on their target demographic because I saw all those key words and yanked it off the shelf and into my cart. Woo! Cashews, gojis, figs, dried mango, pistachio, cacao, mulberries.... Mmmm... Seriously, find these! Costco had these in bulk of small bags otherwise click the names in this blurb to buy the full sized bags of each flavor on amazon. 

BONUS: Soothing Turmeric Coconut golden milk

I love this before bed, but not too close to bedtime or I'll inevitably have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee. #struggleisreal. Anyway this is incredibly comforting to me and though it's not really a "snack," it's more like a "sip" so I thought I would share it here anyway. I have a hack to make this quickly if you don't mind missing out on the fancy froth/foam. I boil water in my electric kettle; add a tsp of turmeric powder, a dash of cinnamon, and a few drops of vanilla stevia; then I top it with unsweetened coconut milk. This helps cool it a bit because I always burn my mouth and waiting for it to cool would certainly mean I would fall asleep before I could enjoy it! So it's not as "creamy" as a frothy golden milk latte would be... but it's quick and it still tastes really good!

Have you tried any of these before? Let me know what's worked for you!

As always, moderation is key. If your still struggling with cravings, I have a free sugar-cleanse you can sign up for that will coach you over the course of 10 days to suss out the root of your cravings and help cultivate a healthier relationship with sweets. Click here if you're interested! Again, totally free! <3


Sweet dreams (but not too sweet!)



Photos by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash {Chocolate Banner}