An Evening Routine To Help You Wake Up Earlier

Hey girl, 

I get it. Mornings are hard. If you're like me, you really do WANT to be able to wake up extra early and get your day going seamlessly and without rushing out the door... but for some reason you get that rush of energy around 10pm and just can't seem to fall asleep in time for that early morning alarm. Ugh, we have the best of intentions but it's hard to turn off at night, isn't it?

Let's review a few routines that you can implement to shift your sleeping hours to allow for an earlier morning, an energized afternoon, and an easier time falling asleep at night. 

1. Finish dinner at least three hours before bed

It's a #basic rule, but it's real. Honestly, I know this can be tricky depending on work schedules or families but it really does make a difference. If you eat too close to bedtime, your digestive system is still working while you're trying to sleep. Which means your body isn't fully at rest. You'll likely toss and turn, then wake up feeling more tired, and maybe even with indigestion, acid reflux, or heartburn.

Tip: If you have a sweet tooth late night or need something to sip on, try any of my go-to Healthy Late-Night Snacks {click here} Because I totally get it--  sometimes I just crave a little bite of something as it gets closer to bed... Hey, I'm working on this too! :)

2. Log off Electronics by 8pm - Because #Boundaries

Put your phone down! Late night scrolling does NOT do the body good, and you know it. Whatever is in your feed late night will likely still be there when you wake up. It's not that serious. Also the blue light from our phones, devices, and TVs has been proven to disrupt sleep. It tricks our brain into thinking it's still daytime and thus making it harder to begin to ready your mind for rest.

If you need to have your phone nearby later into the evening, then use the "Nighttime" setting or find an app to change the backlight to a yellow/gold instead of the regular white/blue. Allow yourself some time before bed to just be present. Snuggle with bae, or your kids, or both. Make a rule in the house to put phones on the charger by 8p (or whichever time works for you-- at least 1.5 hours before bed.)

3. Establish a nighttime Self-Care Routine you can look forward to

Establishing a healthy skincare routine is one way to help you refocus your attention towards winding down for the day. Treat this like you're giving yourself a facial each night (yet it doesn't have to be super extensive each time) and really be present while you do it. Smearing off your mascara with a wipe and smacking on some lotion isn't really in your best interest when you're looking for clear skin in the morning.

Try a line made for your skin type that includes makeup remover (or use the wipe, whatever), a good cleanser (because those wipes definitely leave a residue, ick!), serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. You'll feel so fresh, and trust me, you deserve a mini pampering sesh at the end of your day! I've been using FRÉ Skincare because it's designed for women who sweat. It's also vegan, organic, and made with argan oils. The company is legit and I happen to have a code for 25% off if you're interested. {code is GHV25}

Bonus Tip: Try showering at night to save time in the morning. Even if you still want to rinse off in the morning to help you wake up, you can at least wash your hair, shave your legs, and get fresh the night before. Then in the morning you can hop in and out quickly, saving you time for the rest of your morning routine and allowing you to catch some extra z's. 

4. Plan 3 Top Tasks + Goals for tomorrow

This is an excellent way to stay on track, and reduce stress for your morning -- knowing what's up for tomorrow before you crawl into bed. Set actionable goals for the next day, write them down in a journal or planner and then set it aside. I love actually physically writing things down to get them out of my head, but if you need to put it in your iCal or whatever, then do this before the LOG OFF RULE.

To take this step a little further, try journaling a bit about your day. Document how you felt throughout the day and see if you can remember what triggered those emotions. Maybe even jot down what you ate and how you felt as a result (this is great if you are trying to remedy any GI issues or mood swings). Overall, just let yourself dump your day onto the page. This of it as emptying your mind of all stress/worry from your day. It can be messy and illegible but just get it out girl.

Lastly, Express Gratitude for all that is well in your world, all the way down to the tiniest things. You'll feel organized, productive, and accomplished - ready for the upcoming new day. No more Nama-stay in bed! ;)

5. read a book / Listen to a guided meditation / quality time with bae / chill

I know for many of us it's hard to try to just turn off and go to bed when we may not feel super tired yet. Or maybe our bodies feel tired but our minds are still going. This is totally normal, but there are several things that you can do to help you really wind down into the home-stretch of sleepytime.

  • Read a book - Though this usually just makes me fall asleep even if I really did want to read!
  • Listen to a guided meditation or yoga nidra - I love the app Insight Timer for guided mindfulness, relaxing music, or meditations -- and it's especially nice to listen to while you fall asleep. 
  • If you live with your partner, spend some quality time - adult playtime, or just chat about your day ;)
  • Solo? Chill out and continue with the pampering! Lotion your body, put on your favorite album, gentle yoga/stretching, paint your toes (careful with the sheets), do a face mask... whatever feels good! 

Now that you've got your evening routine locked down, you're set up for a restful night's sleep and ready to conquer your tomorrow! 


Sweet Dreams!