What Does It Mean To Be "High-Vibe?" (+ How To Get Started!)

All of life is made of vibrations.

Living a “High-Vibe” life is not all "woo-woo" and rainbows! 

Here are a few, short definitions: 

  • Living life at its full expression and potential. 
  • Making the conscious decision to be holistically healthy and happy in all aspects of life.

If we are living at a ‘lower vibration’ or frequency, then that means that something is blocked or at "dis-ease." If we make conscious decisions to bring our body back into "ease" then we create the space for our body, our vessel, to vibrate at its highest potential, generating health and happiness.

Some may argue that this lifestyle is unrealistic because of our modern day stressors and circumstances. How can we be happy and peaceful all the time? That’s just not real! Well, actually, living at our highest vibration is actually the way we are designed to live, so it IS possible. We just need to know how to clear away all the negative junk. 

And it’s NOT about pretending that we don’t have challenges or stress. We are still human beings (or rather as I like to say, ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’) and it goes without saying that we are not going to feel happy-go-lucky 24/7. That’s fine! BUT the whole intention behind the concept of living at a high vibration is that regardless of our challenges, stress, problems, anxieties, drama, etc… we know that those issues are not US. They are external, and learning how to BE with those discomforts without allowing them to totally high-jack our life experience is the PRACTICE of high vibe living. 

How To Get Started:


A. We can raise our vibration in many different ways both INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY. I’ll provide a list of ways that you can begin to try RIGHT NOW and then I’ll continue to create posts on them in further detail for you moving forward. 

  • Internal: Thoughts, Gratitude, Intentions, Mindfulness, Meditation, Prayer and other ways of connecting with God/Source, Yoga, Energy Work/Reiki, and more.

  • External: Food, Water, Supplements, Medicines, Your Environment (People, Living Space, Work Space), Music, Movies/TV, Social Media, Essential Oils, Spending Time In Nature, and more. 

10 High-Vibe ways to start your day:

  1. From the moment you begin to wake up, but with eyes closed, allow yourself time to slowly stretch and take long, deep breaths. 
  2. Express gratitude and set an intention for your day. (An intention can be patience, presence, or something specific like calling your grandmother.)
  3. Sit for at least 10 minutes in quiet meditation. If you're new to this, try and allow your mind to be quiet before allowing it to run over your "to-do" list for the day. 
  4. Set your alarm 20-30 minutes earlier to wake up with enough time to move your body (even better, if you can break a sweat!)
  5. Self-care practices(personal hygiene, supplements, etc...)
  6. Healthy breakfast**
  7. Leave for work with enough time so that you don't have to rush. 
  8. Remember your intention throughout your day.
  9. Decide to Respond to your daily stressors rather than to React. 
  10. Choose to make today a great day!

Each time we wake up in the morning, our body, our energy is slightly different. Once we find ourselves on a path of presence, self-care and connection to Spirit, then we begin to vibrate at a higher frequency. Living at a high-vibration is a conscious effort to remain as “naturally high” as you can.

“Live High, Live Mighty, Live Righteously. Take it easy…” - Jason Mraz


With Love and Light,

Maria Noe

*More on Self-care in another blog post. To include personal hygiene, warm lemon water, probiotics/supplements, coconut oil pulling, journaling, and more...

**A Healthy Breakfast will mean different things to different people. I will elaborate on bioindividuality and share several easy, delicious, and healthy breakfast recipes on another post! Stay tuned!