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Choose Your Food Wisely

When you eat right, you're inspired to make other healthy choices throughout your day, you'll sleep better, and you'll have more energy at work as well as for your relationships.

There are plenty of delicious, whole foods to satisfy you sweet tooth, we just need to retrain our brain to crave them instead of the processed junk we've been conditioned to love.

What we choose to put into our bodies is absolutely critical to our health and wellbeing. Food is what fuels us for the day, literally, so it's important to choose foods that are nutritious and enlivening vs foods that are overly processed or cause us to crash. 

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Why Plant-Based?

I fully appreciate the concept of bio-individuality, meaning that I believe each and every person has specific needs to fulfill their optimal wellness, and those needs will vary greatly from person to person.

With that said, I am a huge advocate for MORE PLANTS + LESS processed foods, animal products, and sugar (and health experts everywhere will highly agree with this). This doesn't mean that I expect all of my clients to become vegetarian or quit sugar forever (ugh, how sad), but it is definitely a "lifestyle adjustment" worth putting effort into. 



Drinking enough water during the day can be tough- I know I am guilty of not getting enough most days - but it is so important for vibrant health.

When you're properly hydrated you stimulate effective digestion, boost immunity, support clear and healthy skin, and improve energy (to name a few). 

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