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If you want to utilize a holistic approach for healing after a breakup, traumatic incident, or residual pain from an old wound, then you are definitely in safe and capable hands - I'm super honored that you found your way to this page...  Contact me to schedule a free one-on-one discovery call to learn more. Also, click here to learn more about my Transformation After Trauma Program.

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What is "health + healing from the inside, out?"

Health is an inside job and being healthy is about more than just what meets the eye.

Sure, we want to look toned in our swim suit, or slip into our favorite jeans with ease... but what about what's going on behind the scenes? 

It's important what's going on in your gut, absolutely- but what about your mind and thoughts? In your heart and emotions?

These are all crucially important to attend to when we look to balance a healthy lifestyle. I address all these and more with my 6 Steps to Health + Healing from the Inside, Out.