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Transformation After Trauma with Maria Noe

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Let's get real. If you've been identifying with the story of what happened to you, there's no perfect workout routine or magic green juice that will pull you out of this limbo. I say this with love - I've been there too.

There's something about reclaiming your body, your emotions, and your focus that is so empowering that even the intention itself begins to heal us. It's about claiming YOUR VOICE. 

if this is your current reality, this program may be for you:

- You've been fighting off anxiety and grief for so long that you're used to feeling like crap.

- You've gained (or lost) too much weight and don't know how'll you'll get back on track.

- You've tried several different diets and even if they worked at all, they weren't sustainable. 

- You've dropped into a few yoga classes or attempted meditation but had no idea if you were doing it right and ended up feeling worse in the process.

- You're stuck in limbo between your "incident" and where you wish you could be.

- You're distracted, lost in a cloud, and have been lacking motivation to make a change - until now!

- If things don't change, you'll be in the same place this time next year without anything to show for it.

- Your lack of focus or anxiety has been affecting your family, relationships, sex life, sleep, job, hygiene, and your sanity.


There is a way out of this darkness and into your authentically healthy, happy life!

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3 Month Transformational Program

Together we will:

- Connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be.

- Create your personal blueprint of what you want your life to look like.

- Decipher your body’s unique needs.

- Set actionable personal goals and work towards sustainable change.

- Incorporate positive lifestyle routines to support your transformation.


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Program Specs

- Connect either in person or via video chat/phone conference, and email on a schedule that we set together for you.

- 50-minute weekly follow-up sessions.

- Email support between sessions.

- Guidance on meal plans, prep, and grocery lists. 

- Handouts specific to your needs and goals.

- Access to our private Facebook group for community and added accountability.


6 steps to health + healing

From healthier eating plans and breathing exercises, to bubble baths and seamless daily routines, you will be fully supported on your path toward transformation after trauma. 

This program covers these 6 fundamental steps in order to best serve the "whole-person." Follow the links for further details.

- Eat Empowered

- Sweat + Stretch

- Be Mindful + Breathe

- Reflect + Self-Study

- Self-Care

- Organize + Routine


What Are You Waiting For?

It's time to:

- Reconnect with yourself.

Rediscover what it means to be healthy and happy.

- Redirect your focus to the present moment + stop replaying memories, or projecting to the future. 

- Reach your personal goals to balance your health - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

- Realign your priorities. Instead of always putting others ahead of yourself, focus on self-care.

- Reopen your heart to forgiveness, compassion, and love - for others and for yourself.

Recognize that you are not defined by your story, incident, or past. 

- Realize your worth. 

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