Meet Maria



I'm Maria, a health coach, yoga teacher, and holistic healing advocate. 

It is my mission to guide and advocate for women who have been through some sh*t, but want to let go of anger, feel more connected, and create a healthier lifestyle - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

My Story

As a young adult, I struggled with alcohol, junk food, and knowing my own self-worth. I was dissatisfied and on track for a breakdown.

Then life finally stopped me in my tracks - I was a victim of sexual assault.


I was was diagnosed with PTSD, and completely unequipped to deal with it. I left my job, moved home with my mom, and isolated myself from my friends.

I was having horrible nightmares, insomnia, night-sweats, crying spells, and lashing out or trembling for no reason at all. I couldn't focus on anything other than all that I had lost in the process (walked away from a great job, friends, and relationship).

But it was at my rock bottom that I knew I needed to make some serious changes in order to recover my life.

I needed something more. I was in therapy but something in my spirit was still crying out for deeper healing.

Finally, I found yoga.  Not your “instagram-yoga,” or fitness-class version of yoga, but REAL-straight-out-of-India-yoga!

I began a yoga teacher training with the intention that it would serve as more of an immersion and a way to keep myself focused on something positive. What I got out of it was an entirely new lifestyle and hope for my future.

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.
— B.K. Iyengar

My yoga training was supplementing my therapy in ways I could not have predicted. Studying yogic philosophy, allowed me an opportunity to uncover the many layers of "me." I began my journey of letting go of what was no longer serving me.

This experience taught me how to tune in and listen to intuition - to love myself enough to be deliberate about how I care for my body, and how I interact in my relationships.

I'm a survivor - but I refuse to identify as a victim.




Yoga Alliance RYT-200  -- Key Largo Yoga

Certified Health Coach  -- Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Standup Paddleboard Teacher -- H2Yo with Julie Roach

Kids Yoga Teacher -- Kidding Around Yoga

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Workshop -- Jen Turner, Boston Trauma Center

Mantra + "Yoga of Sound" Intensives -- Anandra George

International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh, India

8 Months Personal Study Abroad, "Wanderlust" Experience: Rishikesh, India; Bali; Thailand;