Stretch + Sweat

More exercise = Less Stress 

Stress, anxiety, and trauma are stored somatically (meaning, in the body) so in order to fully release these negative energies, you've got to move, stretch, and sweat! 

When you move your body, it's like a moving meditation - yoga or not - it allows you to focus on your breath as well as doing something good for your body. 

Bonus: Exercise releases endorphins which are "feel-good" neurotransmitters - basically signaling your brain to be happy. Yay! :)  

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Doctors recommend getting at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. That's either 30min/day 5 days a week, or 50min sessions 3 times a week. This means heart rate is elevated, and you're actually breaking a sweat. No strolling and scrolling!

Using activity trackers like your AppleWatch, Fitbit, or even just an app on your phone, will help you log your minutes as well as help hold you accountable to your personal goals. 

Get Started

Incorporating these simple ways of adding more physical activity into your life, is a great place to start:

  • Stretch in bed, first thing when you wake up. Really check in!

  • Choose to take the stairs.

  • Take your dog on a longer walk - they'll thank you for this!

  • Break up long periods of sitting by standing up + walking around.

  • Check out my free videos on basic yoga sequences.

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